How to Teach the Learning Dynamics Texas Program

In these 3 sessions, both educators and caregivers will learn about the curriculum and how it works. Please watch the videos below and start helping your student(s) reading abilities.

Session 1: Foundations of the Curriculum and Getting Started

Session 1 Files

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Presentation 1.ppt
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Facilitator Notes 1.pdf
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Participant Notebook 1.pdf

Session 2: Program/Lesson Internalization for Educators

Session 2 Files

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Facilitator Notes 2.pdf
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Participant Notebook 2.pdf

Session 3: Program/Lesson Internalization for Caregivers

Session 3 Files

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Facilitator Notes 3.pdf
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Participant Notebook 3.pdf

More Training Resources

4 quick steps of how to use the program.

  • Read the Program Guide and follow the easy to use Lesson Manual.
  • Teach one letter and sound per lesson (25 mins) every other day.
  • After the first 5 letters, student(s) learn to make words.
  • After the fist 8 letters and sounds, student(s) start reading decodable books

The Virtual Learning Companion (VLC) is online video resources to assist with teaching the program. To find out all the details CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for the Lesson Manual, Program Guide and Student Activity Book in PDF format.

CLICK HERE and fill out the quote form.