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The Learning Dynamics Reading System

At Learning Dynamics we are dedicated to the ideal that literacy is attainable for every student. Learning to read changes the way your student(s) sees the world, and provides them the confidence to succeed at every level. Our comprehensive reading materials and activities provide teachers and caregivers with exactly what they need to help their student(s) begin to read.

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Easy-to-use reading system

This easy-to-use reading system
was developed, refined and tested during 17 years of classroom application with a variety of teachers and student populations. 

Lessons are easy to use and only 25 minutes, three times a week. They learn letters and sounds (not in alphabetical order) through music and fun object lessons. As they begin learning the letters and sounds, they learn the blending concept and they begin reading words and books within the first 3½ weeks of beginning the program. With each new letter and reading rule, students practice only what has been learned.

Students gain confidence quickly and show results with each lesson.

Students have fun with appealing games, songs, and lesson activities in an easy first reading experience.

Then the reading experience is broadened to solidify skills and build self-confidence. Each student gets to keep 53 full color decodable books that go along with what they learn so they can build their own personal library at home!

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Learning Dynamics Texas gives you everything you need to teach a child to begin to read, with our step-by-step approach.

Learning Dynamics has taught preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade students to read for nearly two decades.

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“Learning Dynamics gave my grandchildren the confidence, the excitement, the actual enjoyment of learning to read. They want to do it. It’s intrinsic motivation!”

Steven Covey  |  Author

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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