Educator Resource Page

How it works:

Read the Program Guide and follow the easy to use Lesson Manual.

Teach one letter and sound per lesson (25min) every other day.

After the first 5 letters, student(s) learn to blend and make words.

After the first 8 letters and sounds, student(s) start reading decodable books.

Digital Downloads

Key Points of Learning Dynamics Texas Program

How to access Learning Dynamics Texas training modules

How to order printed materials with a discount

How to sign-up/enroll for the Virtual Learning Companion

The VLC allows for the student(s) to go through the entire program online interactively and tracks their progress from both school and home.

Key Points of Learning Dynamics Texas Materials

Classroom Materials

Order classroom materials for each educator (Teacher, teachers aid, etc.) and student(s) in the classroom

Teacher Materials

Student Materials

Learning Dynamics Texas Materials

Virtual Learning Companion

Order 1 per student

Learning Dynamics Texas Virtual Learning Companion on iPad

At Home Materials

The At Home materials are designed to support caregivers in providing instruction to one student at home
(Order 1 per student)

Learning Dynamics Texas reading materials